Letter to the Editor: Shapiro-Richards Campaign Used Copyrighted Video

Anastasia Przybylski and Steven Long, of the Kitchen Table Patriots, call for Montgomery County Commissioners candidates to pull videos from ads

To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. Anastasia Przybylski of Kitchen Table Patriots recently noticed the use of copyright-protected video/audio by the Shapiro Richards campaign.  More specifically, the Shapiro Richards campaign is currently running a commercial which contains copyrighted video and audio, as owned by Ms. Anastasia Przybylski.  Ms. Przybylski owns the copyright to the video of Jenny Brown, as recorded for a segment for Kitchen Table Patriots.  Ms. Przybylski was never contacted by Shapiro Richards Campaign, or by Comcast Network, to request permission to use the copyrighted footage. Ms. Przybylski never granted permission to Shapiro Richards Campaign, or by Comcast to reproduce the footage (in whole, or in part).  Accordingly, Ms. Przybylski demands any such video /audio (or portion thereof) be pulled immediately.

Furthermore, said video was observed on Larry Kane’s Voice of Reason, as aired Sunday, October 30, 2011, 9 p.m. EST, on The Comcast Network.  Notice is hereby given to The Comcast Network, via Tracy Pacman, 215-468-2222, and Shapiro-Richards campaign via 215-886-7376 of said Copyright Violation.  Accordingly, the video and audio are to be pulled from any/all use immediately, including, but not limited to The Comcast Network.

Anastasia Przybylski and Steven Long


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