Montgomery Supervisors OK $11.8 Million Budget, No Tax Increase

The millage rate in the township remains at 1.49 mills

Montgomery Township on Dec. 17 passed an $11.8 million budget with a $37,690 surplus.

The millage rate in the township remains at 1.49 mills.

Montgomery Township has not had a tax increase for more than nine years. In 2006, supervisors reduced the millage rate from 1.61 mills to 1.49 mills.

The 2013 budget also sets Homestead Exemption at $30,000. More than 75 percent of property owners participate in the homestead exemption program, totaling $308,000 in annual tax relief, according to Finance Director Shannon Drosnock.

General Fund Revenues in 2013 are set at $11.872 million, up from $11.48 million in 2012, an increase of 3.4 percent.

General Fund Expenses are set at $11.834 million, up from $11.46 million in 2012.

Of those total revenues, $9.5 million are tax revenues, which are up 2.9 percent from 2012. Non-tax revenues are $1.8 million, up 3.59 percent from 2012. Interfund transfers for 2013 total $432,220, a 15 percent increase from last year.

Real estate tax revenue is expected to increase $28,700 from 2012 to $1.584 million.

Earned income tax revenue jumped from $3.8 million in 2012 to $3.935 million in 2013.

Local tax revenue will increase by $103,000 in 2013, totaling $4.029 million.

Under General Fund expenses, administration expenses decreased to $1.157 million from $1.298 million in 2012.

Finance expenses boosted to $847,810 in 2013 from $554,525 in 2012.

Police expenses also increase in 2013 from 2012 — $5.715 million versus $5.473 million.

The Department of Fire Services Fund shows an increase in revenues from 2012, totaling $1.328 million. Its expenses are $1.323 million in 2013. That leaves a surplus in the fire fund of $4,765.

Revenues and expenses in the Parks and Recreation Fund are nearly balanced — $797,900 and $797,885, respectively.

The Capital Reserve Fund has a deficit of $1.883 million, after $2.263 million in expenses and $380,000 in revenues for 2013.

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