New Lansdale Councilmembers, Tax Collector Sworn In Monday

Democrats Liz Troy and Leon Angelichio and Republican Tom Work are three new faces to the nine-member council. Re-elected incumbents Jason Van Dame and Mary Fuller were also sworn in.

A new year brings new faces to Lansdale Borough Council.
On Monday, five council members and tax collector Christine Calhoun were sworn in at the reorganization meeting.
Of the five, three are new faces to council, successfully elected in November 2013: Republican Tom Work and Democrats Liz Troy and Leon Angelichio.
Independent Jason Van Dame and Democrat Mary Fuller were also sworn in.
Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard Haaz was in attendance to swear in the councilmebers. Lansdale Mayor Andy Szekely swore in Work and Calhoun.
Watcher1 January 08, 2014 at 08:44 AM
Interesting meeting on the 6th. Not lost to the audience is that Judge Haaz swore in 3 of the council people and only Mr. Work another COUNCIL PERSON and Mrs. Calhoun the new tax collector were sworn in by the MAYOR. Seems like already Mr. Work is not included as part of the council? (Read your last sentence.) Also, Mr. Van Dame , Miss Troy & Mr. Angelichio chose the judge over our Mayor. Sure doesn't seem like all are coming together for the good of the people. Politics as ususal???
Andy Szekely January 08, 2014 at 02:57 PM
Watcher1, That's partially my fault as I needed to be sworn in in order to swear the others in. I didn't know that Mr. Hansen had already asked Judge Haaz to swear in the others-- including me. Since I helped campaign for both Christine Calhoun and Tom Work, I thought I would swear them in. I guess the perception in the audience was different. From my perspective, there is no ill will or bad blood relating to the swearing in ceremony.


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