No Tax Increase in Lansdale's Balanced $31M Budget

Council voted unanimously Wednesday to pass the 2013 budget for the borough, with the millage rate remaining at 3.5 mills

Lansdale Borough Council unanimously passed a balanced $31.25 million budget Wednesday night, and holding taxes steady at 3.5 mills.

“I thought everyone would want to attach their name to a ‘no tax hike’ (vote)," said council President Matt West.

The millage rate in Lansdale remains at 3.5 mills. One mill yields $1 in revenue for each $1,000 of assessed value. For example, a homeowner with a house assessed in Lansdale at $123,000 would pay a property tax bill of $430.50 a year. 

Proposed expenditures and revenues stand at $31,249,000.

For the Lansdale resident, 12.08 percent of his or her real estate tax bill goes to Lansdale. Montgomery County gets 10.88 percent of the bill and North Penn School District receives 77.04 percent of the bill.

Long-term capital investments total $42.5 million from 2010 to 2017.

Total capital reserve funds, which include 2010 bonds and reserves for capital improvements, are $24.44 million. Total investments paid or to be paid are $11.535 million. This leaves $12.905 million in the capital reserve fund after improvements.

Council is proposing a transfer to the General Fund reserve balance of $2 million, leaving the balance of the capital reserve funds at $10.905 million. 

Unfunded capital improvements now total $20.065 million.

The debt service of $1.6 million is "proportionately small," Borough Manager Timi Kirchner said, equating to 5 percent of the total of the 2013 budget.

In the General Fund for 2013, real property taxes are set at $2.5 million, up $10,000 from 2012. Local taxes are up $65,000 from 2012 at $2.115 million.

Public Safety gets a $40,000 increase in the 2013 budget. Interfund transfers are up $500,000 from 2012.

Revenues in the 2013 budget stand at $12.5 million, up from $11.87 million in 2012.

Under General Fund expenses, Police Services increased to $3.78 million, up from $3.59 million in 2012. This is attributed to increases in permit revenues.

Planning Commission and Zoning Hearing Board expenses nearly doubled in 2013 from 2012.

Information Technology will see boosts in expenses, due to the recommended hiring of an IT manager. Salaries and wages increased to $117,000 from $66,000 in 2012. Along with that comes increases in Medicare, medical insurance, disability insurance and group life insurance.

The borough’s library contribution increased by $15,000 to $365,000. Contribution to the Lansdale Historical remains the same in 2013 at $27,500. The borough budgeted less in maintenance and utilities for the historical society in 2013.

Total operating expenditures are at $10.1 million for 2013, up from $9.9 million in 2012. With an interfund transfer of $2.46 million, total expenditures total $12.5 million for 2013.

Other interfund transfer expenses include $34,000 to the 311 W. Main St. Fund, a $2,000 increase from 2012; and $1.25 million to the parks and recreation fund, a $36,000 increase from 2012.

Electric Fund revenues decreased in 2013 from $19.74 million to $19.71 million. Sewer Fund revenues increased in 2013 from $3.64 million to $4.19 million, thanks to a commercial sewer use revenue increase of $550,000. Recently, Lansdale completed a project that will take additional wastewater flow from Merck in Upper Gwynedd.

A new wastewater treatment plant employee and reduction in equipment maintenance in 2013 altered wastewater treatment plant expenses by about $65,000. Expenses in 2012 were at $1.73 million, and are now at $1.79 million in 2013.

Total expenses in the sewer fund are at $4.49 million, up from $3.53 million in 2012.

Parks and Recreation Fund revenues total $1.54 million in 2013, up from $1.52 million in 2012. Expenses for parks and recreation, including $113,000 in interfund transfers, total $1.54 million in 2013, up from $1.52 million in 2012.

The 311 W. Main St. Fund includes a $23,000 for economic development expense, up from $17,000 in 2012.

Read the entire 2013 budget in our photo gallery, or click this link to download it from the Lansdale Borough website.


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