Patch First Look: Bill Clinton Speaks in Upper Moreland

Over 500 people came out to the Kathleen Kane Get Out the Vote Rally, which featured former President Bill Clinton.

If you were among the over 500 people in the audience at tonight’s , you could certainly tell when former President Bill Clinton took the stage.  

It’s as if those gathered couldn’t help themselves to provide round after round of applause all throughout his speech, as he was advocating Kane’s candidacy for Pennsylvania State Attorney General.

The main idea behind both speeches of Kane and Clinton, a former attorney general himself, was that they asked voters to choose a candidate based off prosecution experience.

In the coming full article on the evening's events, Patch will also provide feedback from a few of the hundreds of residents, describe the efficient scramble township and school district officials had to make in preparation of Clinton's visit (they had less than two days preparation), as well as the reaction of local politicians as to the meaning of having such a rally in Upper Moreland.

Personally, and I think I share this with the number of folks I got to talk with tonight, it was an exciting experience to be in the same room with a former president of the United States.

Look to the Patch morning newsletter tomorrow for a heads up on when the article is published on Patch. (Click here to sign up for the newsletter)

In the meantime check out our photo gallery here, or share your own photos, videos and comments below about your experience of tonight's event.


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