Public Works and Electric Committees May Be Combined in New Lansdale Assignments

Since Utilities Director Jake Ziegler oversees the Electric, Public Works and Wastewater Treatment Plant operations, a combination of electric and public works committees may offer better time management.

Council President Jack Hansen has assigned who he thinks would be best suited for the various committees in Lansdale Borough and he has proposed one big change—combining the Public Works and Electric committees as one.
"We are going to keep them separate committees for now, until it comes up before council and we talk about if we want to combine them," Hansen said.
The main reason for the merge: Borough utilities director Jake Ziegler oversees the Electric Department, Public Works Department and Wastewater Treatment Plant operations and could attend one meeting that encompasses all the committee reports of those departments. 
Hansen said it would also free up staff and residents to attend other meetings.
Fuller is also ousted as chair of the Economic Development Committee, replaced by council Vice President Steve Malagari.
Here are the proposed committee assignments in Lansdale, which meet the first Wednesday of each month:

Administration and Finance
Leon Angelichio (Chair)
Denton Burnell
Jack Hansen

Code Enforcement Committee
Rich DiGregorio Jr. (Chair)
Leon Angelichio
Denton Burnell

Public Works/Electric Committee
Steve Malagari (Chair)
Rich DiGregorio Jr.
Tom Work

Parks and Recreation Committee
Mary Fuller (Chair)
Liz Troy
Jason Van Dame

Public Safety Committee
Liz Troy (Chair)
Tom Work
Steve Malagari

The following committees meet the first Monday of the month:

Library Committee
Mary Fuller (Chair)
Rich DiGregorio Jr.
Steve Malagari

Appointments Committee
Jack Hansen (Chair)
Rich DiGregorio Jr.
Mary Fuller

Planning Commission Liaison
Steve Malagari

Administration and Finance had been previously comprised of Burnell and former councilmen Dan Dunigan (Chair) and Matt West. 
Code Enforcement had been previously comprised of Hansen (Chair), Burnell and West.
Public Works had been previously comprised of Malagari (Chair), Sobel and Hansen.
Electric Committee had been previously comprised of DiGregorio (Chair), Dunigan and Malagari.
Parks and Recreation had been previously comprised of Fuller (Chair), Van Dame and DiGregorio Jr.
Public Safety had been previously comprised of former councilman Mike Sobel (Chair), Fuller and Van Dame.
Economic Development Committee had been previously comprised of Fuller (Chair), Malagari and West.
Library Committee had been previously comprised of Fuller (Chair), Malagari and Sobel.
Watcher1 January 08, 2014 at 08:55 AM
Attended this meeting on the 6th. Was like a kangaroo court. Heard how all have to work together. But check out the committee member proposals. New faces taking over as the chairs? All the discussions Monday were NEVER shared with the public and now they are published after the fact? Not a good foot to start off on. For all of the voters, everyone of us should attend these meetings, YOU should be the voice not these 9 people even though they were voted in on election day. The DRAMA will continue the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month along with all the politicing behind the scenes.
The Voice January 08, 2014 at 04:42 PM
Strange that Mr. Van Dame is only on one committee. Payback for actually going against Jack Hansen as Council President? One has to wonder.
bob January 08, 2014 at 09:13 PM
I guess Van Dame isn't as liked as he thinks. I guess his buddy Malagari turned on him. Then again Malagari turned on Fuller as council vice-chair, change has occurred, payback, just like life. Nobody gives you anything, sometimes you have to earn it.


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