Refresher: Snow Emergency Procedures in Lansdale

If and when Lansdale declares a snow emergency, here's what you need to know

As of Friday morning, Lansdale had not yet declared a snow emergency in anticipation of what the National Weather Service was calling "a potential historic winter snow storm and blizzard" that was expected to hit the Lansdale area Friday and Saturday.

That said, it seems a snow emergency is likely.

You can find information about what to do in a Lansdale snow emergency here.

Here's a summary of the main points:

What to do in a snow emergency in Lansdale

  • Move your car from both sides of roads posted with "No Parking Anytime During a Snow Alert Zone."
  • Move your car from both sides of roads posted with temporary signs:
    • Green Street (between Main Street and Vine Street)
    • Montgomery Avenue (between Vine Street and Century Plaza lot)
    • Pierce Street and Seventh Street (between Ridge Street and Line Street)
  • Move your car to an odd-numbered side of the street: Cars parked on even-numbered sides of the street will be ticketed and towed on the following streets:
    • Blaine Street (between Broad Street and High Street)
    • Broad Street
    • Chestnut Street
    • Church Road
    • Columbia Avenue
    • Delaware Avenue (between Susquehanna Avenue and Valley Forge Road)
    • Elm Drive
    • Fairview Avenue
    • Forest Avenue
    • Franklin Street
    • Gillinder Street
    • High Street
    • Highland Road
    • Iron Street
    • Kenilworth Avenue (between Eighth Street and Fifth Street)
    • Lansdale Avenue
    • Line Street
    • Locust Street
    • Main Street
    • Ninth Street
    • Oak Drive
    • Park Drive
    • Penn Street (between Chestnut Street and Line Street)
    • Pennbrook Avenue (between Hancock Avenue and Wissahickon Avenue)
    • Ridge Street
    • St. Elmo (between Vine Street and Lincoln Avenue)
    • West Second Street (between Valley Forge Road and Richardson Avenue)
    • Seventh Street (except between Ridge Street and Line Street)
    • Sixth Street (between Walnut Street and Pacific Avenue)
    • West Sixth Street (between Cannon Avenue and Maple Avenue)
    • Third Street (between Walnut Street and Crestview Road)
    • West Third Street (between Edgemont Avenue and Cannon Avenue)
    • North Valley Forge Road
    • Vine Street
    • Webster Avenue
    • South Wood Street (from West Main Street to Vine Street)
    • Wood Street (between Courtland Street and Vine Street)
    • York Avenue (between Green Street and Valley Forge Road)

Finding out if a snow emergency is declared

What if I get towed?

  • According to the borough code, "Any vehicle parked, stalled or incapable of moving under its own power or left unattended upon any street or road located within the Borough of Lansdale may be removed or towed away at the owner's expense to another location at the direction of the Borough of Lansdale Police Department or other authority as authorized by the Borough Council of the Borough of Lansdale."
  • Fines for towing, according to the borough code: "The owner shall reimburse the Borough for the costs of such removal and storage as shall be determined by the Chief of Police, and it shall be a violation of this article to fail to pay such bill."
  • Contact Lansdale Police at 215-368-1801.


  • You have 24 hours after snow has ceased to fall to clear your sidewalks and use salt and sand where necessary.
  • Fines are between $25 and $300 for each offense for the use of the Borough of Lansdale.
  • Property owners must clear paths on sidewalks more than 30 inches in width, and cleared of snow and ice with salt or sawdust.


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