Selection Committee Vetting Candidate for Borough Branding Initiative

A recommendation will be made next week for a firm to brand Lansdale.

The selection committee involved in the search for a firm to brand Lansdale is “in the process of checking references and will be making their recommendation” next week to the joint Economic Development Committee and the Communications Commission, according to Councilwoman Mary Fuller.

Fuller, who sits on the selection committee, said, providing no problems arise during the vetting process, the recommendation will be made at an Aug. 15 meeting at 6:30 p.m. in borough hall.

Borough Manager Timi Kirchner said talks about branding started around September. After sending out a Request For Proposal, the list of candidate firms was eventually narrowed from 13 to three.

On Monday, in private meetings, the last three candidates were interviewed by the selection committee.

The purpose behind the branding campaign is to help the borough become “a destination,” Kirchner said.

“It’s about establishing our identity, who we are, and why would people want to come to Lansdale,” she said.

But the branding doesn’t begin and end with selecting a firm; input from the community is integral, as well.

“This has been a well thought-out process,” Kirchner said. “We need the community to buy in to any brand that we develop. It’s not just about technology, but design and image.”

In April, the Economic Development Committee viewed presentations by officials from Lancaster, who had recently undergone a branding process of their own.

Jennifer Baker, executive director of the Mayor's Office of Special Events, laid out the strategy behind turning Lancaster into a brand.

“We want those who live in the city to feel good about where they live, and we want those who come visit us to have a really great time and enjoy all there is to do downtown,” Baker said in April.

Earlier this year, Kirchner sought the input from within Lansdale by sending out fliers to each borough department asking “Who is Lansdale?” and “What does (Lansdale) mean to you?”

This week, Kirchner said Lansdale’s branding efforts will start in September, right on the heels of the inaugural Founders Day Celebration Aug. 27. The theme of the event is “A Town Is Born.”

“So people will become familiar with Lansdale’s history,” she said. “Part of the branding initiative is taking in our past and determining what Lansdale’s future will be.”


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