Talking Trash at Lansdale's Town Hall

Residents and borough officials discussed the ongoing trash hauler survey last week, and how it may affect residents in the long run. "It's sort of like a monopoly," said resident Rose Chapman

There was a lot of trash talk at the informal Lansdale Town Hall session last week.

The borough is in the midst of wrapping up single trash hauler surveys from its residents. The surveys will be used to determine whether or not to seek a single hauler in the borough for residential customers only. Commercial properties in the borough won't be subject to the discussion.

Lansdale residents, and only Lansdale residents, take the survey now at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QLDWDXV.

Resident Rose Chapman told the town hall session that she was against a single hauler.

"It's sort of like a monopoly," she said. "Can you put trash out on the curb and eliminate trash in the alley? I don't know the way to go. I don't like to be told; I like to make the decision myself."

Councilwoman Mary Fuller — who moderates the town hall session with Lansdale Business Association President Doug DiPasquale — said all questions would be received and answered at the point when and if Lansdale decides to go in a single hauler direction.

Resident Cathy Radcliffe wondered if towns with a single trash hauler have to fix their roads as much as towns with more than one trash hauler.

Borough utilities director Jake Ziegler said civil design engineers use a formula of one trash truck equals 10,000 cars to calculate load.

"What that means exactly is up for debate, but when they calculate loads on roads, that's the figure they use," Ziegler said.

Resident Jean Fritz said the multiple haulers means "everyday is trash day" on Pennbrook Avenue.

"Plus, there are recycling trucks on different days," Fritz said.

She added that trash was picked up twice a week when she lived in Plymouth Township. Public Works employees in Plymouth also took care of snow removal.

"It was included in our taxes," Fritz said.

Ziegler said there has been no discussion yet about the single hauler on the public works committee level.

Fuller said there would be a presentation at a work session meeting on the topic once results from the survey are tallied by the borough.

"Will (a single trash hauler) be part of taxes? There are a lot more things to figure out," she said.

Resident John Darab said Lansdale Borough used to be divided up into four quadrants, and each quadrant had its own hauler.

"It was a hauler by voting district, then the borough opened it up," Darab said. "I liked it by quadrant."

Resident Chip Breithaupt reminded those at the session that the hauler issue isn't exclusive to Lansdale.

"It's not just a Lansdale problem. This was an issue with the Gwynedds and North Wales," he said.

Augustine Auch January 28, 2013 at 09:08 PM
The Waste Management truck in the picture scares me. I hate WM.
Tony Di Domizio January 28, 2013 at 09:51 PM
Gus - I assure you, nothing to surmise here. It's simply the first file photo that popped up in a search.


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