Temporary Snack Stand Approved for Montgomery Township Baseball and Softball Association

The temporary stand will be erected at William F. Maule Park at Windlestrae Park

The Montgomery Township Baseball and Softball Association has hit a homerun with its proposal to erect a temporary snack stand at William F. Maule Park at Windlestrae.

Supervisors recently approved unanimously the proposal presented by MTBSA president Rick Calhoun.

“The temporary strategy is an effort to raise funds that can be applied toward the future installation of a permanent snack stand structure, due to the significant costs associated with Multi-Prime and Prevailing Wage to erect such a facility,” Calhoun told supervisors.

He said there would be no cost to the township at all.

“We just want your permission,” said Calhoun to supervisors. “We will make sure it’s not an eyesore. The goal is temporary, and one day we hope to raise enough money to make a snack stand. If we go that route, fantastic.”

The location of the snack stand is on a bed of crushed stone located near the bathrooms at the park, which was once set aside as a potential future location for a snack stand.

Calhoun said the association would handle all details associated with the project, including the planning, purchasing, installation, maintenance, insurance, staffing and upkeep.

Calhoun said the structure would come from Portable Shed Company.

He said the cost to the association would be $4,400, which includes delivery and installation.

“In one season, we can raise $2,300,” Calhoun said. The association also raises between $2,500 and $3,000 in July during its DJ’s Fundraiser.

In addition to requesting the temporary stand, the association asked to connect to electricity at the park.

“We planned on using a generator,” Calhoun said. “If possible, we would like a hard-wired connection to be considered.”

Supervisor Mike Fox asked public works director Kevin Costello how difficult it would be to connect to electricity in the park.

“Power is available from the restroom. There is an electrical maintenance room,” Costello said. “It’s a matter of working with (code enforcement and planning director) Bruce Shoupe on any electric requirements.”

Calhoun said there would also be a light on the back of the structure, set to a timer, that would create light around the area at night.

He said the building would be situated in a way for police to patrol its exterior.

“The angle faces the lot, so when you’re not in the park, there are no places for kids to hang out and not be seen,” Calhoun said.

The association would also be responsible for the cleaning up and policing of the area each night for litter.

“We will make sure that it’s done,” he said.

The stand would be in operation each weeknight from 5 p.m. until the completion of the last game of the evening, and on weekends one hour from the start of the game until completion of the last game of the day.

There will be no food preparation, open flame or running water in the snack stand, Calhoun said. It will sell hot dogs, soft pretzels, packaged snacks and candies, water, soda and sports drinks.

“One goal is to get a hot dog roller,” Calhoun said.

The association is also looking into the potential of purchasing an automated external defibrillator, or AED, which would be made available to all township residents who use the park.

“There is no product like that at any of our fields right now,” Calhoun said.

Fox asked about insurance requirements related to erecting the snack stand.

“We looked into that,” said Calhoun. “It is $560 a year through our insurance carrier.”


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