Rooney to Schwartz: Why Are You Taking Voters for Granted?

Rooney to Schwartz: Why Are You Taking Voters for Granted?

Allyson Schwartz’s actions prove she is taking voters for granted in next week’s election. Marine veteran and retired fighter pilot Joe Rooney, candidate for Congress, wants to know why Schwartz has refused to debate, refuses to campaign except with closed groups, and continues to refuse to answer questions raised by voters.

Rooney said, “By not campaigning or debating, Allyson Schwartz has proven she has no respect for the taxpayers who pay her salary.”  “When she is asked questions, Schwartz dances,” said Rooney.

Joe Rooney, once again outlined the differences between himself and incumbent Schwartz. Rooney urged all taxpayers to vote on Nov. 6.

Congresswoman Schwartz: -- She Got Richer, We Got Poorer!

Schwartz’s own financial documents prove her net worth has increased over $1 million dollars while in Congress these last seven years. Also,

-       Schwartz voted to raid the Social Security Trust Fund.             

-       Schwartz voted to raise taxes on families and small businesses.                        

-       Schwartz voted for rationed health care and death panels.

-       Schwartz voted to cut Medicare by $ 731 Billion.                                 

-       Schwartz voted to raise the national debt to over $ 16 trillion.

-       Schwartz is against the Balanced Budget Amendment.                                                  

-       Schwartz has taken many taxpayer funded pay hikes.

-       A radical, Schwartz ran an abortion clinic for 12 years and favors partial-birth abortions, abortion for gender selection and other extremist positions.                                                    

Compared to Schwartz’s failed record in Congress, Joe Rooney will work for all working families and seniors.

Veteran Fighter Pilot Joe Rooney in Congress will:

-       Fight to create jobs and end over-regulation.

-       Vote to 100 percent guarantee Social Security.

-       Vote against tax increases. Government spends too much!  

-       Protect Medicare and improve health care.

-       Make government accountable to taxpayers.

-       Work to reign in spending to force government to live within its means.

-       Vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment.

-       Vote against Congressional pay raises.

-       Work towards energy independence.                                     

“On Tuesday, Nov. 6 we can put our congressional district on the right track.  With your vote, together we can accomplish great things,” concluded Rooney.

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Mike Shortall Sr November 01, 2012 at 10:13 PM
There's a lot of truth to the "taking for granted" argument. Much was made in The Philadelphia Inquirer in an article about both Schwartz and Bob "Senator Zero" Casey, laying low and failing to address the issues and concerns that voters and tax payers have today. Both Schwartz and Casey have failed to address the dismal jobs picture, their support for President Obama and his misguided agenda (Obamacare instead Jobs and the Economy), etc. Both Schwartz and Casey ASSUME they have our undivided support, which is truly more HUBRIS than it is any sense of accomplishment. Ask yourself this simple little question: When have you ever heard either of these two Democrats ever address something that concerned you deeply?? Personally, I can't recall hearing anything from either of them.


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