Free Wood is Good on Earth Day

Lansdale residents should take advantage of free mulch and chips for yard landscaping

The celebration of Earth Day is here again, even into the weekend, and everybody has their minds on how to enjoy natural elements in their everyday lives. 

Most look to their own yards and plant a tree or fix up their gardens after months of winter weather.  With all of the improvements, you might need to make to bring your yard back to life it can get very costly, very quickly.

Lansdale residents can take advantage of an easy free resource for their gardens.  Over the year the borough employees pick up tree limbs that fall during  the course of storms, the collection of christmas trees and shrubs and trees that are dropped off by residents. 

All of this great natural material is sent through a chipper and the result is a LARGE pile of FREE wood chips that are great for gardening.

I did a price check at Lowe's and Home Depot for hardwood mulch. Lowe's had a 2-cubic-foot bag for $2.97 and Home Depot had the same size bag for $2.50.

The size of the bags is slightly smaller than what you will get if you fill a strong contrator's trash bag.  With a few strong  bags you can save yourself  $25 to $50  a trip depending on how much you have room for in your vehicle.   That adds up very quickly in this economy.

Wood chips are a fantastic natural mulch and it looks and smells fantastic in your yard.  The price is fantastic too. 

The lot is located on Ninth Street off of Moyers Road in Lansdale.  As you go down Ninth Street the pile will be on the right side at the beginning of the Electric Services building's parking lot.

The pile is very high right now, but that will go down as more residents take to mulching their beds and gardens.

Especially with the weather warming up many people will be on the lookout to spruce up their yards.  Make sure to check it out and get some free very eco friendly mulch for your yard.


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