Not So Pleasant Weekend; Snow Sunday Morning?

It hasn't been that nice out lately, and will continue on for the weekend

April has seen it all: whether it's 85 degrees or 30 degrees or maybe some rain or maybe some snow.

Lately, there has been some settlement in the weather, but it is still kind of scattered in some sense.

For the next couple of days, expect to see some sun, clouds, rain and possibly some snow mixed in for the more northern areas in our region.

Today will most likely be the nicest out of them all with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures peaking in the mid-50s. It will also be fairly windy for the majority of the day with northwest winds at 12 to 18 mph.

As for tonight, mostly clear skies will persist along with diminished winds. The calm winds and clear sky will make the low temperatures plumet into the mid-30s by midnight.

If you're a morning person, catching the sun will not be a problem. As for the majority of people on weekends, you may miss the opportunity.

Clouds will begin to arrive and steadily increase by noon and persist into the afternoon. High temperatures will reach the mid-50s. 

Rain is expected to arrive during Saturday evening and can be falling pretty steady at times. This will be a very cold rain as temperatures will be hanging around the low-40s.

There may be some wintry precipitation mixing in with the rain early Sunday morning, as temperatures could be cold enough to support any frozen mix. This is more likely to occur in the Lehigh Valley regions, but could reach some areas further south. 

The clouds will clear out by the afternoon with partly cloudy skies and high temperatures in the mid-50s.

Warm weather is having a comeback for next week. More updates soon.

Any questions? Contact me at mld5202@psu.edu or follow @phillyburbswx on twitter for constant updates on the hour.


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