Towamencin Man Acquitted of Child Sex Abuse Charges in Maine

Mark Colantonio, 35, was accused of sexually molesting a family member under the age of 15 over a three-day period in Bar Harbor, Maine in 2009

A Lansdale man has been acquitted of child sex charges by Hancock County Superior Court in Maine.

Mark Colantonio, 35, of Towamencin, was charged with three counts of assault, three counts of unlawful sexual touching and one count of sexual abuse of a minor, according to Mount Desert Islander newspaper.

The acquittal occurred on June 14.

According to The Maine Sun Journal, Colantonio had three related charges thrown out as his trial last week.

Colantonio was found innocent of three assault charges and one sexual abuse of a minor charge by a jury, according to the article.

Jeff Toothaker represented Colantonio in court. He is quoted in The Maine Sun Journal that the presiding judge dismissed three unlawful sexual touching charges after the alleged victim - who was related to him through marriage - testified that Colantonio touched her waist and no other parts of her body.

Toothaker said in the article that someone is charged with sexual touching when the groin, buttocks or inner thigh of another person is touched.

Colantonio was accused of sexually molesting a family member under 15 years old while staying in Bar Harbor, ME over three days beginning June 22, 2009, according to Hancock County, ME Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett in The Mount Desert Islander article. 

The article in Mount Desert Islander stated the case was filed in Ellsworth District Court and later transferred to superior court for a jury trial.

Toothaker is quoted in The Maine Sun Journal that the allegations arose at the same time that Colantonio's ex-wife was seeking a divorce from him.

Colantonio passed polygraph tests about his background before being accused, as he was undergoing law enforcement training, according to the article.

Testimony about the divorce, a child custody battle and law enforcement training were used at the jury trial, the article said. 

Toothaker is quoted in The Maine Sun Journal:

“He got bombarded by this in his divorce. He’s happy [with the acquittal]. He’s home.”

Kellett said in The Maine Sun Journal she disputed the allegations were a fabrication in an attempt to influence divorce proceedings and the custody battle.

The alleged victim told classmates at school about the accusations, according to the article in The Maine Sun Journal. The students told teachers and the school then contacted the alleged victim's parents, according to the article. Kellett is quoted as saying that process is not what one would expect if allegations were made up.

Kellett said in The Maine Sun Journal that it was the state's position that Colantonio did touch the girl's buttocks. However, the judge dismissed the unlawful sexual touching charges.

Kellett told The Maine Sun Journal that the three assault charges and the one for sexual abuse of a minor, which all stemmed from the same alleged incidents of unwanted touching, were not dismissed.

Colontonio entered a not guilty plea on June 7, 2011, according to the Mount Desert Islander. He was represented in court by Doug Chapman of Bar Harbor in 2011.

Rose Costner August 23, 2012 at 12:36 PM
I’ll leave it to others to decide for themselves if Maine got it right, but the latest postings here certainly helped me reach my own conclusion. More than curious, it is absolutely incredulous that after a month in which there had been no new comments posted, suddenly on the morning of August 21st, nine different postings were made within minutes of each other, supposedly by six different people. Without the slightest reservation, every one of the nine comments supports the defense attorney’s story recounted in the press and vehemently protests the child sexual molestation charges filed against Mark Colantonio. Do you think “they” (or is it not "he") doth protest too much? I do. Even setting aside all of the misleading and factually wrong comments in the postings, the transparently biased postings do not reflect well on Mr. Colantonio or the jury’s verdict.
Karen Buck August 28, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Hey Rose- put the acquittal in your pipe and smoke it. Enough is enough. The charges were a vindictive attempt of his soon-to-be ex wife to take his children away from him/get more in child support/ruin his life, etc. She has succeeded in none of this and despite living with the man she left her husband for and finding happiness she continues to be the most unpleasant person on this planet. He would never do anything remotely like this. Interesting that none of the articles mention the victim changing her story on the stand, better known as lying. Of course he is going to have people respond to comments in his defense, duh, wouldn't you. Oh, if you actually aren't "Rose Costner", then let me take this opportunity to tell you officially F$&@ off we won! - Karen aka Mark's Sister
Pdamon August 29, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Nadia, you should be commended for making your own decisions and not allowing anyone to manipulate you into doing something so horrendous. In the best interest of your children, you did the right thing!
Pdamon August 29, 2012 at 10:47 PM
I agree, child molestation is an ugly crime committed mostly by relatives (stepfathers and mother's boyfriends). Huh, that rings a bell??? So I say, shame on all of you that are passing judgment on Colantonio! Were you sitting in the Courtroom or did you read the court transcript? A jury of 12 people found him not guilty based on the facts presented at the trial. I commend those jurors in Maine for deciphering the actual truth based on the testimony. this is what jurors are suppose to do and just to clarify for those who don't know, the longer the jury is out deliberating, it means they were NOT SOLD on the accusers testimony, not the defendants. Based on the testimony presented, the accuser was not able to give facts to where, when and what happened and changed her story during the testimony. I believe, the accuser fabricated the charges because she was jealous of her half sister getting all the attention from her parents. It is a disgrace the legal system allowed the accuser to file a complaint against Colantonio. Let us hope, she is not allowed to accuse anyone else in the future. Nevertheless, we did not put away an innocent person based on false accusations! Our judicial system prevailed!
James July 16, 2013 at 05:59 PM
George Zimmerman was acquitted. People need to understand "acquittal" does not necessarily mean innocent. I believe the legal meaning of "acquittal" is that there was not sufficient evidence presented to convince a jury to convict. Sometimes it is simply a he said-she said case, but defense attorneys will often do anything they can to win a case. I think they have no moral concerns in confusing and misleading a jury to win.


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