Get in the Game

National Gaming Day is today at your local library, but Lansdale Library has been celebrating all month - and then some

Go ahead – take a guess of Colonel Mustard with the monkeywrench in the Conservatory.

Go ahead – Do pass "GO." Do build two hotels on Boardwalk. Do roll around in the Monopoly money.

Go ahead – take a chance on the “Science” category: You may win that wedge.

B-4? Why not? You could sink that Battleship with your strategy.

Go ahead – get in the game with National Gaming Day today at .

The national day, presented by the American Library Association, is in its fourth straight year and Lansdale Library is at the start.

“We participated in the past couple of years on that day with board games at the library, and we report how many people play and send it in. All the libraries compile their stats to try and reach a record,” said Lansdale Library Director Tom Meyer at a recent Lansdale Library Board of Trustees meeting.

This month, Lansdale Library isn’t just celebrating today; it has been an all-month-long event.

Did you know the library has more than 25 board games available for play or to check out?

The month isn’t just about board games though.

The library is celebrating the month by reviving its Chess Club on Saturday, Nov. 19.

“We talk about the history of chess and show an inspirational video on what chess can do to help your mind,” Meyer said. “Hopefully, we can get a club going on a regular basis.”

A Teen Bingo Night will also premiere on Nov. 22, inspired by a teen volunteer at the library.

Of course, the library has one popular gaming event that’s been held every Tuesday for the past six years – Mexican Train Dominoes.

“You may ask, ‘Why are we playing games at the library?’ Games are educational. They involve critical thinking, problem solving, they meet developmental needs, encourage social interaction between peers and non-peers and they enforce rules and boundaries and encourage creative expression,” said Meyer. “We are trying to continue our mission of enriching our community and this is a way to foster our goal.”


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