5 Things AMS Planning Should Know Today

The Connecticut research firm was hired as the consultant for the 311 W. Main Task Force. It meets with the public tonight

The new arts consultant for the 311 W. Main Task Force meets with the community for feedback and input at 7 p.m. at

1. Minutes from the previous five 311 W. Main Task Force meetings are available at Lansdale Borough Hall. There are only two meeting minutes available online at the following links: Dec. 13, 2011 and Feb. 7, 2012. Check out what's been on record for the wants of the building.

2. Lansdale is rich in the arts: music, theater, and film. It and its neighborhoods are the hometowns of Little Peggy March, John Oates, Andrew Bryniarski, Liza Weil, and Jay Caulfield. Not to mention some of the members of Dysphoria, Chine, Ladder Devils, Wonder Years and Pillars of Villiany. And there's writer Russell Hoban and scientist Ralph Hirschmann.

3. There is nowhere for the kids to go. We used to have two bowling alleys and an arcade. .

4. Lansdale has become a microcosm melting pot of ethnicity. Main Street could be the cultural hub of Lansdale - again.

5. There're SEPTA trains that run through our town. Every day. With easy access to Philly and Doylestown. The thing is, the passengers don't always stay here.

Linda Donaldson April 11, 2012 at 02:27 PM
A number of years ago Dr. Strohecker's collection was opened for display downtown as a one-time feature with no admission. It was a total success as an attraction, and I wrote to the Boro Mgr then that they should consider purchasing a vacant downtown building and creating a permanent home for the collection. I never received a reply. We NEED a theater or medium-sized museum as an attraction for downtown entertainment - preferably family-oriented with some activities for children included - think Mercer Museum.


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