Lansdale Arrests Suspect in 2011 Convenience Store Robbery

Jurell Smalls, 20, of East Third Street, was nabbed in a separate incident on drug charges as well on September 22. He remains incarcerated at Montgomery County Prison

Police have arrested a Lansdale man for his alleged role in the September 2011 robbery of Famous Grocery Store on West Main Street.

He was also charged in a separate incident where a search warrant was conducted on his home for alleged drug violations.

Jurell Smalls, 20, of the 100 block of East Third Street, was one of the actors involved in the September 5, 2011 armed robbery of Famous Grocery convenience store at 21 W. Main Street, police said.

Two men robbed the store, police said, with one firing a gun, according to the clerk on duty. The clerk was not injured, but robbers made off with about $400 cash, police said.

Smalls is charged with the following:

  • Felony Robbery, First Degree
  • Felony Robbery, Second Degree
  • Theft by Unlawful Taking (Misdemeanor)
  • Possession of an Instrument of Crime (Misdemeanor)
  • Simple Assault (Misdemeanor)
  • Recklessly Endangering Another Person (Misdemeanor)

Small was arraigned before District Judge Christopher Cerski of Elkins Park, and bail was set at $75,000 cash, police said. Smalls remains incarcerated at Montgomery County Prison in lieu of bail.

A preliminary hearing is set for Oct. 16 at noon.

Lansdale Police look to make a second arrest in the Famous Grocery robbery this week. 

On the same day he was charged in the 2011 robbery, Smalls was also charged for drug violations in a separate incident.

On Sept. 22, at 2 p.m., Lansdale Police served a search warrant on Smalls' home on the 100 block of East Third Street.

An investigation began in March 2012 after information was received that Smalls was allegedly selling Oxycodone from his home, police said.

Surveillance was conducted and an informant made a controlled purchase of Oxycodone at Smalls' home in April 2012, police said.

In August 2012, police received, and confirmed, information that a juvenile resident at the home was growing marijuana plants in the backyard, police said.

During the search, several marijuana plants were seized, along with Oxycodone pills, marijuana, paraphernalia and cash.

In this incident, Smalls is charged with the following:

  • Felony Possession With Intent to Distribute
  • Two Misdemeanor Counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession of Marijuana (Misdemeanor)
  • Possession with Intent to Use Drug Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor) 

Smalls was arraigned before Cerski, who set bail at $25,000 cash, police said. 

Charges are pending against several other subjects present during the service of the warrant, police said.

FreeRell November 08, 2012 at 03:01 PM
actions dont define who a person is. just the choices they made
ann November 12, 2012 at 08:57 AM
Jane Does...obviously does not know this family as she would not be posting false information ....she is outsider looking in...some of her post is true....some is false....I firmly believe that one should not judge others until you have walked in their shoes. Making false accusations simply must be to make yourself feel better. Jurell is in hands of courts now.....His family does not feel sorry for him...and is fully disappointed that such talented young man decided on the wrong road.....maybe next time he will choose wisely.....
ann November 12, 2012 at 09:06 AM
Remember...false slander is sueable in court....only having to prove that only 1 reasonable person would believe it to be true.
Autodial November 13, 2012 at 02:31 PM
Ann - Don't try practicing law. "Slander" is spoken. Since it is written, it's referred to as "libel". Of course, truth is a defense. Also, you have to prove the existance of damages. Since we are talking about an admitted drug user, dealer and armed robber, it may be difficult to injur his reputation.
Realist April 28, 2013 at 02:10 PM
Mistake? Free Rell? The nigga rob a store, keep his "gangsta" wanna be ads in prison. Pussy ass snitching fool too.


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