Do You Know the Snow Removal Laws in Montgomery Township?

Throwing snow into the street or failing to remove it from sidewalks can make one a public nuisance in the township.

Avoid being a public nuisance in Montgomery Township.
According to the township code, any property owner or tenant that allows snow or ice to remain piled or accumulated on sidewalks, or anyone that throws snow or ice onto any street in Montgomery Township constitutes a public nuisance.
Per the township code, snow must be removed within 24 hours after the end of a snow event, and this includes from sidewalks in front of respective properties. Sidewalks need to be cleared to allow a width of 30 inches. 
There is an exception: Those in R-3 Residential Districts must clear snow within four hours after a storm has ended.
Snow and ice must be placed on the abutting property. In cases of excessive snow and ice, and no room left to put snow on a property, the snow can be placed on the curbline, per township code. It is unlawful to put snow in the street.
Sidewalk too frozen with ice to be removed without damaging anything? Property owners or those responsible for removal must then clear a path next to the sidewalk or walkway, per township code.
And you can't blow or throw snow between the sidewalk and curb either in the township.
Snow emergencies are declared at the discretion of the police chief, per township code.
If a snow emergency is declared, only vehicles with snow tires or chains can drive on snow emergency routes. Vehicles cannot remain parked on designated snow emergency routes. Look up snow emergency routes in Montgomery Township here.
Those who fail to move a car from a snow emergency route can be fined no more than $15, per township code.
Those who drive on a snow emergency route without snow tires or snow chains can be fined no more than $25.


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