FDMT Asking for Help in Long-Range Replacement Plan

Director of Fire Services Rick Lesniak and Fire Department of Montgomery Township Chief Bill Wiegman told Montgomery Township Supervisors Monday that it will soon be time to replace a 23-year-old fire engine

Fire Department of Montgomery Township informed Montgomery Township Supervisors Monday night that it needs to plan now for the replacement of two fire engines and other fire equipment.

According to Dan Sokil of The Reporter, township Director of Fire Services Rick Lesniak and FDMT Chief Bill Wiegman presented an assessment by VFIS Education, Training and Consulting that looked at a long-term apparatus replacement plan.

The assessment also analyzed maintenance records for FDMT’s five vehicles, which are co-owned by Montgomery Township, according to the article.

Engine 18-1 was built in 1989, according to the article, and has been with FDMT since its inception in 2002. This engine is at the top of the long-term replacement list, but it is still operational, at present.

Lesniak told supervisors that Engine 18-1 pumps 1,250 gallons of water a minute, which is below the National Fire Protection Association requirement of 1,500 gallons a minute, according to the article.

Bottom line: FDMT needs direction on to repair Engine 18-1 now or start saving money to buy a new one.

Lesniak told supervisors, according to the article:

We can certainly go get the truck repaired so it would have met its rating, but that’s a $6,000 to $8,000 repair and it’s the 1989 (engine), so we’re not sure if it’s worth putting that much money into it.

FDMT has about $850,000 in a long-term reserve fund.

Wiegman told supervisors that the engine would be adequate for a fire company that responds to lesser fire calls than FDMT does on a routine basis, according to the article.

Wiegman said in the article:

For the amount of miles we’re putting on it, the amount of calls we have, and the amount of time our guys are in it, that might not be sufficient for us.

Read more about this story on The Reporter Online at this link.


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