Turnpike Interchange to Remain Lansdale

Kulpsville and Harleysville will be added to the sign at Exit 31 on the Northeast Extension

The Lansdale Interchange on the Northeast Extension will remain as such, but will be updated to include "Harleysville" and "Kulpsville" as destinations.

According to The Reporter, a letter confirming the amended sign was written by Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission COO Craig Shuey.

"I think that's a great compromise," said Lansdale Borough Councilman Jack Hansen, who initially prompted the borough to oppose the renaming of the interchange. "Lansdale is a destination, it's on a turnaround. Kulpsville and Harleysville are two great areas. I think as long as Lansdale is still on there, it will work out just fine."

Hansen said he hoped Towamencin Supervisors Chairman Dan Littley felt the same.

It was Littley and his Towamencin peers who presented a request to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to change the name of Exit 31 on the Northeast Extension from "Lansdale" to "Kulpsville." 

Hansen said neither he nor council President Matt West had spoken with Littley. Hansen said they both offered to speak with Littley on the matter, but neither had heard from him.

"Lansdale is really revitalizing itself. There are a lot of businesses in the downtown. People come here. They come for First Friday, for Founders Day. They come for all the events in Lansdale," Hansen said. "People have to be able to find us and Lansdale being marked on the map as an interchange helps people get here."

He said the "Lansdale" name on Exit 31 helps develop the entire North Penn area.

"People want to come here and patronize businesses," Hansen said. "This is an extremely important issue to fight for." 

Hansen said he was "very happy" with the decision from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

"We have to move on. There's bigger fish to fry now," he said. 

Littley said the decision was "not totally unexpected."

"The expectation was set by Rep. Bob Godshall at the meeting where the resolution was signed and provided to all three state representatives.  It was a long shot," Littley said.

He said he has had discussions with township manager Rob Ford about the placement of distinctive signs at strategic points where people enter the township.

"We will be looking at that. I think we have made people more aware of boundaries and the history of the area," Littley said. "Now, on to resolving our high priority issues such as sewer and arbitration."

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Lee August 07, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Are the same people doing all that construction at the Kulpsville Lansdale exit, the same planners/builders who built the outrageous bridge to nowhere on the same site? I noticed that sidewalks have been put it. I'll bet you will never see a soul using the sidewalks. How expensive were they, and did tax payers have to pay for them to attract developers?
Cowboy Bob August 08, 2012 at 01:37 AM
I am happy to see that the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has agreed to include Kulpsville on the sign for the Lansdale exit. Residents of Towamencin are footing part of the bill to upgrade the area around the interchange, and residents and businesses from all over the area, including Lansdale, will benefit from it. Many thanks to the PTC and the Towamencin Board of Supervisors.


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